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Russian-Finnish company Transfer358 Oy is pleased to welcome you to our website.

In this section, we have tried to tell you about our company, its mission, and basic principles of work.

Our story began in 2013, with the main directions of providing services such as servicing Apple technology in Finland and Europe, group transportation of tourist groups, and logistics services with heavy and small transport.

To tell the truth, everything related to logistics and transportation services changes very quickly and adapts to economic and other changes in the world, but there is always a trendy basis and a need to provide services in this direction.

The last 4 years have radically changed not only the world in general but also the logistics chains. Most companies have closed, transport fleets have been sold or abandoned for other directions, a "logistics winter" has come by the time this page was updated (February 2023).

Our company is based on a group of reliable and trusted members who work on open partnership relations to ensure a high level of service quality and competitive prices within the current market.

Our main directions today are:

1)  Provision of individual transfer services along the route Russia - Finland - Russia. Trips to Vantaa airport in both directions are often popular.

2)  Provision of taxi services in Europe for any other routes.

3)  Organization of group transfers for groups of 5-15 people, along the route Russia - Finland - Russia.

4) Transfer, transportation of pets unaccompanied from Finland to St. Petersburg and back.

5)  Assistance with logistics tasks:

- delivery, reception and sending of documents and small parcels in Europe, with subsequent delivery to Russia;

- reception of paid goods from stores around the world, and delivery to the territory of Russia;

- delivery of products from stores in Finland;

- delivery of returns of Apple and other manufacturers' equipment for warranty service in the European Union;

- transportation of animals along the route Finland - Russia, etc.

Many may think that it is not difficult to provide a transfer to the airport in Finland from St. Petersburg or back, and anyone who has a car and a driver's license can do it. However, there are a number of inconsistencies here. If you often order a taxi, you understand that every driver is like a game of roulette: he can be normal, or he can be inadequate. The specifics of the business create such errors.

People are the main value and face of the company, and this is why they VALUE US and contact us on a regular basis. We do not have extra people, people hired for a percentage, third-party B2B taxi drivers, only we ourselves and our verified participants in the logistics chain, both on the Russian and Finnish sides.

With us, you will receive a cultural "home" service, flexible terms, and precise and timely execution of logistics tasks for both passenger transportation and delivery of material assets.

Speaking about the mission of Transfer380 Oy, the following points can be highlighted:

1)  To provide the most efficient and reliable mechanisms for delivering high-quality service to customers while ensuring the safety of their health and material assets.

2)  To provide maximum transparency in pricing for services and avoid withholding any information from customers to prevent misunderstandings and subsequent claims.

3)  To constantly study and develop new directions within transport and logistics events for further turnkey customer service.

4)  To be polite and patient with any difficulties and obstacles that arise during service delivery and find the most flexible solutions.

5)  To ensure scrupulous adherence to timelines along the route without deviations or delays, with backup transport provided in case of unforeseen circumstances.

6)  To always check and control the quality of services provided through feedback, and to adjust areas of company work in the event of negative moments.

We sincerely hope that you will choose us and we will be happy to fulfill your transportation and logistics tasks!

Sincerely, Anton Alexandrovich, CEO Transfer358 Oy!