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Transportation of pet from Finland to Russia


The Russian-Finnish company Transfer358 Oy is pleased to offer services for transporting pets from Finland to Saint-Petersburg Russia and in the opposite direction, both unaccompanied and in the presence of their owners.

The transfer can be made from the airport in Finland on specific flights or from other points of departure.

Service cost:

450 EURO (without owner's escort)

400 EURO (with an escort and one passenger, pet, 2 suitcases)

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Individual driver with a car without any other people throughout the entire route, with necessary skills for caring and transporting pets without escort.

Prior agreement on the necessary package of documents for crossing the border.


Transporting pets without an escort from Finland to St. Petersburg, Russia and in the opposite direction is a responsible event that requires certain skills from carriers both during transportation and in preparation of the necessary package of documents for customs clearance.

Pet owners face a difficult moment, as they are not accepted in regular buses and group transfers, which is why, based on the uniqueness and demand for this type of service, our company has developed this all-inclusive service.

Working with our drivers, you can be assured of the safety of your pet, individual approach to each passenger, personal transfer without any other people or destinations, all for the fastest border crossing and delivering the animal to the owner with compliance with safe transport norms.

In most cases, pets are picked up from the airport in Finland, based on the previously prepared document packages at the animal transport department at airports.

Our drivers know all these aspects based on repeatedly executed orders for the transportation of animals, so there will be no difficulties with this.

During the journey, the animals will be provided with necessary walks, food, and other measures to support their livelihoods, as recommended by the owners.

If necessary, video reports will be provided during the journey and sanitary stops, for the peace of mind of the pet owners.

The transfer of animals can also take place in the presence of the owner, with a small additional charge to the standard transportation rates. In this case, the procedure for arranging the animal's passage through the border is carried out by the owner, and our task is reduced to transporting passengers with the animal according to the agreed rates.

Please contact us through any convenient communication channels to clarify all questions regarding the transfer of pets to/from Finland, to clarify details, dates, and to agree on the necessary package of documents for the service.


Best regards, Transfer358 Oy!