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Taxi to Finland from Russia and back


The Russian-Finnish company Transfer358 Oy is pleased to offer reliable and comfortable individual taxi services to Finland (Helsinki, Vantaa airport, Turku, and others).

Our company's main criteria are accuracy, comfort for our clients, and maximum safety during transportation. More detailed information about our main principles can be found in the section: Our Mission.

Our individual taxi services from Saint-Petersburg Russia to Finland / from Finland to St. Petersburg include the following destinations:



Individual transfer to Helsinki Airport (Vantaa) from St. Petersburg Russia

350-400 EURO

Individual transfer from Helsinki Airport (Vantaa) to St. Petersburg Russia

350-400 EURO

Individual transfer to Finland from St. Petersburg Russia (Kotka, Helsinki, Porvoo, Kotka with Hamina, Lappeenranta, and others)

350-400 EURO

Individual transfer of pets from/to Finland without the owner's accompaniment

450 EURO

Individual transfer for groups up to 6 people on a personal minibus, from Finland / to Finland

450 EURO

Individual transfer taxi service within Finland

to be agreed upon

Transfer order department to/from Finland:

Tel. +7 921 377-71-63

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The fastest and most reliable way to exchange information is through messengers. We will clarify all the details and be in touch with you almost 24/7 :)

What do you need to provide to reserve a car?

1)  Contact us using any convenient method of communication

2)  Provide the date and time of arrival/pickup

3)  Provide in advance*:

Surname and name of passengers as stated in passports

Passport numbers

Flight number for arrival/departure

Destination point

4) The DRIVER will consult you in more detail on all issues through the most convenient messenger for you

* - The data from point 3 is necessary for filling out and submitting a passenger list when crossing the border between Russia and Finland, in accordance with customs rules to justify entry/exit to the territory of the European Union

All trips are NON-STOP, meaning there is no change of car with the driver. Often, carriers who are not authorized to travel to Europe bring passengers to the border zone and transfer them to Finnish carriers.

On our part, in case of high demand, there may be similar transportation options with PRELIMINARY clarification for clients.


Delays caused by passengers (document problems, no vaccination for animals, excess baggage, initiation of car inspection in the box, etc.) will result in a charge of 35 EURO per hour of waiting time for the car.

+ 35 EURO per hour of waiting time for the car

Passenger turnaround at the border on the route: St. Petersburg - Finland with a return to St. Petersburg

Compensated at 65% of the transfer cost

Passenger turnaround at the border on the route: Finland - St. Petersburg, with a return to border cities for accommodation

Compensated at 100% of the transfer cost

Passenger turnaround at the border on the route: Finland - St. Petersburg, with a return to Helsinki

Compensated at 150% of the transfer cost

If you anticipate any difficulties with travel, please notify us in advance. The choice of a Russian or Finnish driver plays a role in the above mentioned pricing

Many people may think that taxi services to Finland are not difficult - a car, a driver, and destinations. This may be true for small trips within the city, but not for long-distance routes that cross borders.

The key to successful service is proper planning and backup plans in case of unforeseen situations.

Our drivers are located both in Russia and Finland and can be mobilized in case of force majeure situations, replacing the originally designated transport for the requested trip.

Recently, carriers have been increasingly using INDIRECT transfers, where one car takes passengers to the border and another car picks them up. This carries a number of transportation risks and costs, as crossing the border can always take an unpredictable amount of time, and passengers may not make their flight at the airport. The first car may also not have a license to travel to Europe.

Based on our internal quality standards for providing transfers: taxi to and from the airport in Finland, our drivers plan for an additional 3-4 hours before the flight, leaving St. Petersburg behind our clients, and if necessary, they can stay in the company's office in Vantaa, which does not prevent them from arriving earlier and guaranteeing 100% completion of the tasks set!

We would be happy to provide you with taxi services: St. Petersburg - Finland, St. Petersburg - Helsinki, St. Petersburg - Vantaa, and in the opposite directions.


Sincerely, Transfer358 Oy!