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Logistics services


The Russian-Finnish company Transfer358 Oy is pleased to provide a wide range of logistics services for the Finland-Russia / Russia-Finland direction.

In this case, our Finnish office is a hub for collecting parcels from all over the world, storing them, and further transporting them to Russia.

Please send all requests to the contact details (https://transfer358.com/contacts.html). We have also indicated the main chains of interaction with clients in the logistics sphere of activity for a general understanding of the list of destinations.

Our company will be happy to help with:

1) Delivery of paid goods from American and other countries' stores from Finland.

Payment can be made using your cards, with the indication of our trusted recipients in Finland.

Receipt - storage - shipment to Russia - delivery or shipment to any city by domestic transport companies.

These processes are well-established, all purchases are coordinated in advance before ordering and are subsequently monitored by our specialists, delivered to Russia, and handed over to the customer.

2) Delivery of parcels, shipments, documents, and letters sent from anywhere in the world from Finland.

3) Purchase and delivery of vitamins, medicines, food, and general goods from Finland.

4) Apple technology warranty service in Europe turnkey: pick-up in Russia - shipment to Apple authorized service centers in Europe - service - return to Russia.

This trend has been worked out and exists for many years, and now it has become relevant again, in Russia, nothing except the RST series is serviced, which does not exist. MacBooks and tablets went off official support in March 2023 due to the closure of the warehouse in Moscow and the change of the service provider.

Everything that is sold by parallel import (America, Japan) will not receive support in Russia, we are ready to solve these problems turnkey. 

5) Order, purchase, and delivery of car parts from Finland.

6) Order, purchase, and delivery of equipment from Finland.

7) Order, purchase, and delivery of hair dyes, professional cosmetics, beauty salon products, etc. from Finland.

8) Sending parcels, letters, documents to Finland and Europe, etc.

9)  We also have trusted companies in America (New York), so you can place orders with an American pool that will then be transited through Europe to be delivered to Russia.

The list can go on and on, we are ready to receive, store and deliver your orders and packages in the best condition!


Best regards, Transfer380 Oy!