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The Russian-Finnish company Transfer358 Oy is happy to answer some of the most popular questions about transfers to Finland and providing logistical services.

1)  Can you tell me how long you have been providing logistics services?

This information can be found in the "About us" section (https://transfer358.com/about.html). We have been providing logistical services in different directions since 2013.

2)  Is it possible to have two adults and two children in the same car?

Yes, it is possible, but this needs to be discussed and agreed upon before booking the transfer. If an adult has a regular build, he/she can be seated between two passenger seats in the back seat.

3)  I want to bring two small dogs with me, but you only mention one pet in the conditions?

That's right, the prices are calculated for the service of transporting a pet with or without an owner. In practice, there will be a small extra charge for the second animal, but the base price will remain at the same level on average.

4)  Can I bring a couple of surfboards in addition to my suitcases?

Yes, just let us know so we can put a roof rack on the car!

5)  Are you sure you won't be late for my flight arrival in Helsinki?

Yes, we have a traffic monitoring system, and our drivers always leave with a large margin of time. Also, there are always cars for backup located near the airport in Finland, so we can guarantee a 100% on-time delivery for both departure and arrival of passengers.

6)  Can we stop at a store for groceries on the way back home from Finland?

We are always happy to help our customers, and you can stock up on your favorite products on the way to your destination.

7) My dog is arriving alone in Finland, can you deliver it to Russia?

Yes, more information about the service is available at (https://transfer358.com/animalstransfer.html), we have experience in these types of tasks.

8) How can I pay for the services, and when is it necessary to do so?

We accept various forms of payment (rubles, euros, bank transfer based on an invoice, cryptocurrencies, etc.) and do not require any advance payment. You pay the driver in cash at the end of the route. For bank transfers, we request payment to be made before the start of the journey due to banking transactions and general paperwork.

9) Can we choose which car we will ride in?

Given the current logistics situation where 95% of cars and drivers were cut off from travel to Europe, this option has become irrelevant. There is a notion of a comfortable class, with clean spacious cars of European and American brands, which is provided to our clients.

10) We liked your company when we traveled as a couple, but now we are 7 people, can you organize a transfer for the whole group?

Yes, of course. You need to send us a request, and we will form a pool of cars and provide your transportation.

11) Can you help with sending/receiving documents in Europe?

Yes, we can provide any logistics chain from Russia - Finland - Russia, including helping with sending/receiving documents by acting as intermediaries.

12) I want to order a processor and a watch from America, can you handle it with delivery to Russia?

Yes, you can make payment and place an order with our warehouse workers. Then, the equipment will be delivered in Russia and sent/handed over to the customer.

13) My MacBook broke down, and Apple no longer services them, can you help with servicing it in Europe?

Of course, during the period of 2013-2016, we were actively engaged in servicing and delivering Apple and other brand equipment through authorized European services.

14) I love vitamins from Finland, but they are very expensive in St. Petersburg. Can you buy them according to a list and deliver them from Finland?

No problem, you just need to send a request and we will help with purchasing and delivering all goods to Russia.

15) How are you better than group transfers for 5000, there are many ads on Avito for such services?

We only provide individual transfers, which have their own significant advantages. To start with, by filling a minibus with different people, you run the risk of being subjected to a full vehicle inspection, depending on the history and what each passenger is carrying. This can add up to 3-4 hours of waiting and nerves.

Private group transfers are "black boxes," and we do not recommend using them if you are travelling under a flight number, or if you are being picked up from the airport.

16) Do your Finnish drivers understand Russian, as we don't know English?

Yes, in 80% of cases they are Russian-speaking residents of the European Union, which is quite common in Europe.

17) Can we pay you with cryptocurrency?

Yes, it is possible. To calculate the amount for the day of the transfer, this issue needs to be agreed upon with our specialists, and payment should be made before the transfer is provided.

18) How is a taxi different from a transfer in Finland?

In essence, they are the same thing; people just look for different variations of requests, and all carrier websites cover these two concepts.

19) Can we make a stop in Vyborg for some small errands after crossing the border?

Yes, it is possible. Everything is coordinated with the driver, and we are flexible on these matters.

20) We live in the Leningrad region, can you pick us up from there when we go to Vantaa airport?

Certainly, we can pick you up from any location, calculating the necessary additional surcharge for extra travel.

21) Can you tell me which border is used to enter Finland?

Our drivers go through the Torfyanovka border checkpoint.

22) Why is the cost of a taxi in Lappeenranta the same as in Helsinki?

Looking at the trip in general, the difference between Helsinki and Lappeenranta, taking into account crossing the border, is not that great. Our main profile is Helsinki, but if necessary, we can also carry out transportation with private taxis to any point in Finland.

23) If we can't fly and notify you on the day of arrival, will there be any penalties for this?

No, it happens, just let us know immediately when the situation arises so that we don't drive the transportation for no reason.

24) Why do you need us to send you a photo with the passport and flight number, can we not do this?

This measure is related to filling out justification for entry/exit into Europe at customs, which includes a list of passengers, flights/pickup points, passport numbers.

You can photograph the part with the number, name and surname and an electronic copy of the ticket.

This also guarantees to us that the clients exist and are moving along a real route.

We do not take prepayments and trust our clients!

25) Do you need any prepayments before placing an order?

No, this is not required for normal non-group transfers, during the period of general loading, when paying in cash. If you want to pay by bank transfer based on the invoice, payment must be made no later than the date of transportation.

26) My luggage was lost at the airport in Finland, can you pick it up from the terminal without me being present?

Yes, it is possible, the main thing is that you have agreed that it will be handed over to our representative.

27) How to calculate the cost of a taxi to more distant points in Finland?

You need to contact us by any convenient way and inform us of your logistics tasks (https://transfer358.com/contacts.html)

28) I live in Finland and I'm not tied to dates. Would it be possible to give me a discount if you could take me along when you go to Helsinki with tourists?

This is indeed possible. We have regular customers who can rent a car at lower rates that departs from St. Petersburg to pick up passengers in Finland. Please contact us and we will add you to the list for notification of such trip dates.

29) How to calculate the cost of delivering items from Finland?

We regularly receive and deliver shoes and clothing from marketplaces around the world. Simply indicate your items and we will inform you of the prices and the possibility of transporting and delivering the items to Russia.

30) Can you pick us up during the holidays in Finland? We heard that everyone there is on vacation and doesn't like to work?

Our drivers work 24/7 to meet the needs of our customers. We will definitely find you a car, even at 2 am on January 1st.

Sincerely, Transfer380 Oy!